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It started with a kiss for a pig...

Stith Family Farms has done many different things over the years, but our recent venture into freezer pork sales had the most unique beginning. It all started when a bank wanted to host a Kiss the Pig fundraiser to benefit United Way. Surely we could find a pig to borrow for this contest for just a few hours! Somehow we went from getting a piglet on loan for a quick trip to Elizabethtown to purchasing a pair of them, named Elvis and Priscilla, so they wouldn't get lonely. At first we planned to feed them out for our own personal use, but when we were offered a free boar who was needing a home, the idea of growing to offer pork several times a year came to life. Now affectionately named Colonel Porker, he has joined another sow, Tammy, in beginning this part of our business. Thanks to the help of our cousin Tim Padgett (and his supportive wife Mindy who has let him spend many hours down at the barn), the old milking parlor was converted for pigs. We are now offering reservations for our first orders of pork which will be available for pickup this fall.

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