How his different than buying in the store?

Instead of buying pork and beef at the grocery store every time you need it, buying in bulk from Stith Family Farms not only helps you have more direct control over the quality of the meat you purchase, but it’s more convenient and cost-effective. You pay a flat price for all cuts by the pound, so your higher priced types of meat, such as chops, steaks, ribs, and hams are less costly. Purchasing directly from our farm means there are fewer expenses built into our prices, such as transportation to a grocery store and their profit margins. Most importantly, you know where your food is coming from and you’re supporting YOUR family’s personal farm. You are always welcome to come visit our farm and see in person how we care for our animals, as we are proud of the extra effort we make to produce high-quality, humanely raised pork and beef.

Do you use growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics in the feed?

No, no, and no. We feed our livestock non-GMO corn.

Is your meat organic?

No, the non-GMO grains we feed our animals are grown with the help of fertilizers to add nutrients for plant growth and herbicides to control weeds. Our animals are given a product once a year to control internal and external parasites. Antibiotics are only use if an animal is sick and those animals are not sold to customers.


How do I place an order?

We take orders in advance because you will be purchasing part of a live animal rather than individual cuts of meat by the pound (but don’t worry, we keep them happy on our farm until they’re ready to end up on your plate!). Complete our online order form to reserve your portion and pay your deposit. We’ll confirm your order prior to processing. Deposit rates are:

  • Half hog: $100

  • Whole hog: $200

  • Quarter beef: $100

  • Half beef: $200

  • Whole beef: $300

This cost will be deducted from your final bill. Stith Family Farms will bill you for the price of the animal when your animal is delivered for processing at the facility of your choice as outlined in the order form. The processing facility will bill you directly for the cost of their services when you pick up your pork. Our deposits are nonrefundable because should you change your mind and not want your pork or beef, it is very hard for us to keep a half of an animal alive without its other half!

How much does it cost?

Because each individual animal is different, weights upon processing will vary slightly. Your family’s cost is based on the live weight when your hog is delivered for processing, which is typically between 275-300 pounds. For the current year, we are pricing our pork at $1.25 for every pound of their live weight, which will likely translate to $340-375 for a whole hog and $170-$190 for a half hog plus processing costs estimated below. Our beef price is $1.60 for every pound of live weight, which will likely translate to $430-500 for a quarter side of beef, $850-$1,000 for a half side of beef, and $1,750-$2,000 for a whole animal. These prices do not include processing which you will pay directly to the processor. Your deposit will be credited back to this cost on your final bill. This equates to a product cost of $4.50-$5.00 per pound of packaged beef and $2.75-$3.00 per pound of pork, which includes all the cuts you specify. These prices do not include processing which you will pay directly to the processor. Your deposit will be credited back to this cost on your final bill. A typical processing fee is approximately $100 a half, which may fluctuate slightly based on the live weight and your packaging preferences. More complex orders (cured hams, jowl bacon, vacuum packed vs. paper wrapping) will be priced at a higher rate by each processor. Exact rates will be confirmed prior to processing.

What if I need a smaller quantity of meat?

You can purchase individual cuts of beef and pork on our website. For the most cost-effective price, customers may consider combining a bulk freezer order with friends or family so you can order a quarter and end up with a smaller quantity based on your personal arrangements. 

When will my pork and beef be ready?

We take orders when a new litter of pigs are weaned. The pigs will be ready for processing in approximately five months. You will typically know 6 weeks in advance of the final processing date. Beef will be ready in December-February we will notify you when processing of your animal has been scheduled so you can plan pickup accordingly.

How long does my meat keep in the freezer and how much space do I need?

If properly stored, paper-wrapped meat is best used within a year, while vacuum-sealed meat lasts for about a year and a half. A whole hog takes up approximately 7-8 cubic feet of freezer space and a half beef takes 7-8 cubic feet.

How do I pay?

Payments and deposits can be made by check to Stith Family Farms (Phillip Stith, 5168 Sirocco Road, Payneville, KY 40157) or by credit card once an invoice is sent via email. Deposits must be received within 2 weeks of order confirmation and final payments made directly to Stith Family Farms prior to beef pickup. Each individual processor will have their own payment methods for your processing costs. Feel free to contact us with any questions, message our Facebook page, or call 270-945-2433.

How much meat will I get?

While we can estimate an average package, there’s no exact answer to this question due to the variance between animals. Here’s a great resource from the American Association of Meat Processors that explains how you can estimate finished product in pounds.  We estimate the following amounts:

  • Half hog: 100 pounds of meat

  • Whole hog: 200 pounds of meat

  • Quarter side of beef: 100 – 125 pounds of meat

  • Half side of beef: 200 – 250 pounds of meat

  • Whole beef: 400 – 500 pounds of meat

Freezer Beef & Pork FAQs

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