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Meats by the Cut

Freezer Beef & Pork

To better serve our customers, we are USDA Certified to sell individual cuts of beef and pork.

Is there a minimum order?

No, you can buy a single pound of bacon or multiple packages of beef and pork. This is an economical way to try meat directly from a farm without the need for extra freezer space or a more expensive initial investment.

How do I order?

Contact us with your requested items and we will reply with availability, price and some options for pickup dates and times.  We typically try to coordinate individual item pickups with one of our scheduled bundle dates.

How do I pay?

For individual cuts, an invoice can be sent via email once your order is assembled that you can pay online with a card or payment can be made via cash, check, or credit card at pickup.  We will make every effort to provide the exact quantities you request, but since each package's weight varies slightly, your final total will be calculated based off the packaged amount. You can view the final cost and itemized invoice prior to purchasing.

Where do I pickup?

Orders can be picked up at 125 Woodchuck Rd in Brandenburg at your scheduled date and time. 

We can provide larger quantities of beef and pork at various times throughout the year. This option provides the lowest cost per pound of meat and gives you control over what cuts you'd like to receive.

We are currently accepting additions to our waiting list for this option.  Covid-19 has stressed the whole meat processing industry.  While we have adequate processing capacity for our regular bundle orders, we have to work in bulk appointments whenever they become available.  When an appointment becomes available, we contact people from our list and offer them their bulk beef or pork.  There is no obligation to those on our list.

Read our FAQ page before ordering.

Meat Bundles

Our most popular items are our $75 meat bundles, which include a variety of items that change each week. With minimal freezer space needed and a variety of meats to try, this is the best way to start purchasing directly from our farm!

The bundle contents and pickup date and time are posted on Facebook and emailed to people who are on our mailing list. (you can sign up at the bottom of this page to be included in this list)  

If the contents for the bundle that week appeal to you, you can message us on Facebook or reply to the email to reserve your spot.

When its time to pick up your bundle, simply stop by 125 Woodchuck in Brandenburg and we will bring your bundle to your vehicle.  We accept cash, check, or card at pickup.