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About Us

Stith Family Farm is a family farm in every sense possible. The current direct to consumer farm operation is operated by Phillip and Megan Stith and Tim and Mindy Padgett. Before that, the farm was operated by Rick and Tina Stith as a conventional farm operation. And, even earlier, it was started by Rick's parents Baxter and Lucille Stith in the 1940's, with help from Lucille's brother, Tom Barr. 
The farm has seen a lot of change in its 75+ years. In the early years, with a household of 11 children to help with labor, they raised green peppers, strawberries and even operated a grade A dairy.  The family has never been afraid to try new things! 
A few years ago the focus of the farm shifted again. This time toward products that remove conventional market forces from us. Instead of selling corn to the open market and calves at the stockyard, we now sell all of our animals as finished meat products and use all of our corn for feed for our animals or feed to sell to other producers. 
This change is only possible because of customers like you that purchase our products and spread the word about our meats and feeds.  It's humbling to know that so many of you trust us to provide quality local meat to feed to your families every day. We don't take this responsibility lightly and are constantly striving to provide the best product possible at the best value! 

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Our Family

With over 75 years combined experience, a degree in Animal Agriculture, and Master Cattlemen Certifications, farming isn't just what we do, it's who we are. Meet our family:

Rick & Tina Stith- Cattle and crops

Phillip & Megan Stith- Cattle, hogs, customer service

Tim & Mindy Padgett- Cattle, hogs, customer pickups


Our customers regularly share that our meat is among the best they have ever had, and we wouldn't settle for anything less since this is what we feed our own family.  Leave your review and see what others are saying about our products.


The success of our farm is directly tied to the health of our land.  We proactively participate in conservation programs to prevent erosion and maintain the most fertile ground possible.  We completed the Master Grazer program to learn how to more effectively manage our pasture with less reliance on chemicals. We are constantly striving to find more environmentally friendly ways to provide quality meats to you.


We are active members of the Meade County Cattlemen's Association, Meade County Chamber of Commerce, and are Kentucky Proud certified.  We happily make referrals to other local farms that produce products we do not, as we all succeed when our community supports agriculture. If you're looking for a particular product and don't see it listed on our site, reach out. We may know someone else who can help you.

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