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For a limited time we are offering Pork Stock Up packages.  These packages are essentially half of our half hog package!

We have heard from several customers that are looking for the value and convenience of a bulk pork package, but want something more manageable from a price or freezer space perspective. 

The package is $205 and includes the following items:

10 pks pork chops (2 per pack)

1 pk pork ribs

5 pks bacon

2 pks seasoning bacon

3 pks jowl bacon

5 pks BBQ porkburgers (3 per pack)

10 pks sausage (1 lb)


*Combine this item with a Beef Stock Up package and recieve both items for $500


Once your order is recieved, we will get it ready for you and reach out to schedule pickup around your schedule at 125 Woodchuck drive in Brandenburg.



Pork Stock Up (1/4 hog)

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