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We know you like choice, so why should we pick the bundles all the time? We're now giving you the freedom to pick your own bundle with our mix and match sale.


Choose any 8 items from the list below and create a bundle just for you. It can be 8 different items, 8 of the same item, or anything in between!


1lb package ground beef

1lb package ground pork

1lb package zesty Italian sausage links (4)

1lb package zesty Italian sausage (roll)

1lb package smoked sausage (3)

1lb package mild sausage

1lb package sausage links (14-16 links)

1lb package sage sausage

1pk BBQ pork burgers (3)

1pk seasoned hamburger patties (4)

1pk boneless pork chops (2)

1pk pork ribs

1pk sirloin tips

1lb beef chorizo

Once you've made your decision, checkout as normal and leave your selection in the comments field in the checkout process so we know what to pack. (We'll reach out to check if you forget)


When your order is ready for pickup, we will contact you to arrange pickup around your schedule at 125 woodchuck drive in Brandenburg.

Mix and Match Sale

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