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We will update in stock items each week.


To place an order:

Send your requested items to us via email using the brown email us button on this page.


*Lamb is very new for us and we're looking for customers willing to provide feedback about their experience with their products after purchase!


Individual cuts available :



lamb shank: $10/lb

lamb sausage: $12.5/lb

lamb ribs: $7.5/lb

lamb shoulder: (~2.5lb) 13.5/lb

lamb chops (2): 13.5/lb

whole leg of lamb: 13.5/lb



Stew Meat OUT

Top Sirloin Steak $10/lb

Beef Short Rib $7.5/lb

NY strip OUT

Ribeye steak OUT

Seasoned Beef Patties $6.5/lb (4 each)

Ground Beef $6/lb

Brisket $5.5/lb

Flat Iron Steak OUT

Flank Steak $8.5/lb

Skirt Steak $9.5/lb

Sirloin Tips $8/lb

Filet $13/lb

Rump Roast $6/lb



Bacon $9/lb

Jowl Bacon $8.5/lb

Boston Butt 4.5/lb

Ribs $4.5/lb

Pork Chops $5/lb

Pork Cheddar Brat $7.5/lb (4)

Sausage $5.5/lb

Italian Sausage $5.5/lb

Hot sausage $5.5/lb

Andouille Smoked Sausage $7.5/lb (3)

BBQ Pork Burgers $6/lb (3)

Whole Tenderloin $6.5/lb

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