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Individual orders are easy! Simply email your shopping list to us, or call or text your request to 270-945-2433 and we will prepare your items and contact you with your total price and to arrange a pickup date and time. Please include the number of packages of each item you would like.

We will update in stock items each week.


To place an order:


Send your requested items to us via email using the brown email us button on this page.



Cheeseburger brats $7.5 (4) NEW

Stew meat $6.5

Top sirloin steak $10/lb

Beef short rib $7.5/lb OUT

New York strip $15/lb

Ribeye steak $15/lb

Seasoned beef patties $6.5/lb (4 each)

Ground beef $6.25/lb

Brisket $6.5/lb

Flat iron steak $11/lb

Flank steak $9/lb

Skirt steak $10/lb

Sirloin Tips $8

Filet $15/lb

Rump roast $7/lb

Beef chorizo $7

Stir Fry meat $7



1 lb breakfast sausage links (14-16) $6.5

Pineapple teriyaki brats (4) $7.5

Bacon $10/lb

Jowl bacon $8.5/lb

Boston butt 4.5/lb

Ribs $4/lb

Pork chops $5/lb

Pork cheddar brats $7.5/lb (4)

Zesty Italian sausage links $7.5/lb (4)

Hot sausage $5.5/lb

Mild sausage $5.5/lb

Sage sausage $5.5/lb

Italian sausage (1lb roll) $5.5/lb

Andouille smoked sausage links(3) $7/lb

BBQ pork burgers $6/lb (3)

Pork tenderloin $6.5/lb

Ground Pork $5/lb

Individual Items (a la carte)

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