Our individual cuts are still available for purchase, but not through our online store.  Simply facebook message your order to us, or call or text your request to 270-945-2433 and we will prepare your items and contact you to arrange billing and delivery or pickup.


Individual cuts for purchase include the following:


Stew Meat     $5.00/lb

Sirloin Steak     $8.50/lb

Ribeye Steak     $12/lb

Filet Mingon     $12/lb

Beef Short Rib $6/lb

NY strip     $12/lb

Beef Patties     $5.50/lb (3)

Beef Cheddar Brats $6/lb (4)

Ground Beef     $5.00/lb

Brisket     $5.50/lb

Flat Iron Steak $8/lb


Bacon     $8/lb

Chorizo $5/lb

Jowl Bacon     $7/lb

Ribs     $4/lb

Pork Chops     $5/lb

Brats, Cheddar Brats     $6/lb (4)

Andouille Sausage     $6/lb (3)

Sausage (Mild, Sage, Italian, Hot)     $5/lb

Pork Burgers     $5.50/lb (3)

Whole Tenderloin     $5/lb

Boston Butt     $4.00/lb

Individual Cuts of Beef or Pork