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 Beef Stock Up packages are back! These packages are essentially half of a quarter beef!

We have heard from several customers that are looking for the value and convenience of a bulk beef package, but want something more manageable from a price or freezer space perspective.

The package is $305 and includes the following items:

2 pk ribeye steak (2 per pack)

2pk New York strip steak (2 per pack)

1 pk flat iron steak

1pk skirt steak

1 pk filet (2)

1 rump roasts (2.5-3lb)

3 pk sirloin steak

5 pk stew meat (1lb)

7 pk 1/4lb hamburger patties (4 per pack)

18 pk ground beef (1lb)

*Combine this item with a Pork Stock Up package and get both items for $500. (Discount automatically applied at checkout)

Beef Stock Up (1/8 Beef)

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