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This is the place to reserve your quarter beef for August pickup!

These are actual quarter beef, so the quantities can vary slightly each animal. The total cost you can expect to pay is $725-750 depending on the weight of your animal. Payment (less your depisit) will be due at pickup. At pickup you will recieve your beef in freezer boxes. Our beef is raised on our farm from birth. We do not use any form of hormones or antibiotics in our meat animals. Our beef are feed our own custom made and farm grown nonGMO feed (and hay). Our beef is well marbled and typically grades at least USDA choice. Once your deposit order is placed, you will be on the list for the next available quarter. We will contact you a week or so before the expected pickup date to privide you with the balance due and schedule your pickup.

This is a great opportunity to stock up on beef. As you may be aware, grain prices have doubled in the past 10-12 months and feed costs are significantly higher. There have also been supply chain disruptions. This is impacting grocery store prices. Now is your opportunity to lock in your beef at current prices.

Here is a sample of a quarter beef (Yours may vary in quantities depending on animal size):

Flat Iron Steak 1

Flank Steak 1

Skirt Steak 1

Brisket (half) 1

New York Strip 4pk (2 per pkg)

Ribeye Steak 4pk (2 per pkg)

Filet Mingon 2pk (2 per pkg)

Top Sirloin Steak 3pk

Rump Roast 4

Stew Meat 5pk

1/4lb Hamburger Patties 10pk (4 per pkg)

Ground Beef 40pk

Sirloin tips 3pk

Short Ribs 3pk

*This item requires local pickup and is not available for shipping.

Quarter Beef-August (DEPOSIT)

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