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We are offering a winter stock up bundle for those who don't quite have enough room for a quarter beef and half hog, but want both pork and beef in the freezer this winter! The package is $350 and contains the following items:


15lbs ground beef

8 lbs sausage

2 lbs sausage links

4 ribeye steaks

1 smoked sausage

4 New York strip steaks

2 pk pork ribs

2 pk beef stew meat

1 beef brisket (half)

4 lb bacon

1 lb seasoning bacon

5 pk BBQ porkburgers (15 total)

5 pk hamburger patties (20 total)

2 pk cheeseburger brats (8 total)


Simply check out to place your order and we will contact you to arrange a pick up time that works for your busy schedule!

Winter Stock-up bundle

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