We are offering half hogs for pickup at 125 Woodchuck Rd in Brandenburg around the first week of November.  We expect the total cost of the half hogs to be around $350-400, including processing.  The cost will vary some based on the size of each animal. To reserve your half hog, check out below and pay the $100 deposit.  The remaining balance will be due at pickup. 

This is a sample of a half hog package, the actual amount of each product may vary:

17 packages of bone-in pork chops (2 each)

1 whole boston butt

2 packages of spare ribs

2 packages pork tenderloin

5 packages ham cutlets

~15 pounds of bacon/jowl bacon

25 pounds mild/sage sausage

*BBQ porkburgers can be added to your order for $5/package


Half Hog (November)